An Ideal Tool To Prepare Your Child For Swim Lessons
Luca Learns to Swim

Luca Learns to Swim

Uniquely designed, with parents in mind, to help support your child's introduction and progress with swim lessons. A proven success and a delightful story kids love to come back to time and time again.

Gallery of Selected Pages

Gallery of Selected Pages

My experiences in teaching lessons emphasized for me the need for a tool to help parents prepare their children to learn how to swim. gallery

Learn to swim this summer with Barry!

Learn to swim this summer with Barry!

Barry is available for private swim lessons (2 to adult), during the Summer months, in the Eastern Madera County area.


Luca Learns to Swim is the only illustrated children's book which helps first time swimmers, ages 2 to 7, prepare for swim lessons. This beautiful and heartwarming tale was written by Barry Shrewsbury, a professional swim instructor with over 20 years experience (specializing in teaching children with a fear of water).

Your child will preview, through Luca's experiences, the natural progression from non-swimmer to swimmer and be able to visualize him or herself going through this process as well.  This engaging story invites an active discussion between you and your child regarding their concerns and questions about learning to swim.

Luca’s journey takes him from anxious beginner to happy, enthusiastic, and "pool safe" swimmer. Reading Luca aloud will not only prepare your child for this wonderful journey by demystifying the process, it will help increase the probability of his or her success. 



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Parents & Kids: Creative Solutions for Mississippi Families

image"Luca Learns to Swim is easy to read, with attractive illustrations, and will help in disarming your child's apprehensions about attaining this life saving skill." (May 2008)

S. Carolina

Charleston's Lowcountry Parent

image"To help parents take a more active role in the aquatic education of [their] children...The full-color paperback is meant to be a companion to formal swim lessons, taking children through Luca's own journey of apprehension and achievement." (June 2008)


San Antonio Our Kids

image"Kid friendly book complete with large illustrations." (April 2008)


Southwest Florida Parent & Child

imageRead Barry's article on The Reluctant Swimmer. (June 2008)


Sacramento Parent

image"Luca Learns to Swim allows parents plenty of chances to encourage and reassure their children, long before that first lesson." (May 2008)
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